Succession Planning

More often than not, a core financial objective of clients is to ensure their families are financially secure. Traditionally succession planning has been very focused on the future generation within families. More recently however, clients often ask to factor in more immediate needs, such as global relocation.


Succession Planning


There are multiple vehicles that can be used to assist with succession planning. In D&C's experience trusts are the most suitable & have stood the test of time. Provided these are established in a well regulated jurisdiction, such as those D&C operate in, a trust is ideal for making provisions for your client's families & future generations.

Fiduciary specialists

Whilst experienced in the practicalities and benefits of a trust, D&C can not offer advice on structuring. D&C have therefore partnered with Trust companies in Jersey, Guernsey & the Isle of Man to assist in finding the best, most suitable structuring solution for clients and their families.